Packing Tips for a Smooth and Stress-Free Permanent Change of Station

March 18, 2021

For military families, Permanent Change of Station (or PCS) is a part of military life. In fact, 400,000 service members PCS every year, so it can be expected that you’ll have to move at some point during your (or your family member’s) service. While inevitable, receiving a PCS can be stressful nonetheless. Will you like your new home? When should you start packing? How will I transport all of my belongings from point A to point B? Read on for some helpful tips to help answer these questions and ease your apprehensions!

Build a Checklist. A good place to start your moving process is the Build My Checklist feature on Military OneSource. There, you can enter your current station and new station, along with details of your living situation—if you’ll be moving with children and pets, if you’ll be bringing your car, etc. After submitting your information, the system will generate a checklist based on your unique circumstances. 

Edit Your Belongings. In both military and civilian life, one thing remains the same: It’s easier to move when you have less stuff! Upon receiving your PCS, start assessing your belongings so that when it comes time to move, you’re only bringing along the essentials. You can host a yard sale, make donations, or sell your unwanted things online.

Stock Up on Moving Supplies. Nothing’s worse than running out of boxes, bubble wrap, and tape when you’re in the middle of moving! Now’s the time to start stocking up on boxes and other supplies. Check buy-nothing groups to try to track down gently used boxes at a lower cost.  

For more tips, information, and resources to assist with your PSC, head over to Military OneSource’s webpage dedicated to the topic.

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