5 Amazing Leaf Crafts

November 1, 2017

Feeling the DIY spirit this fall season? Check out these incredible autumn crafts made using leaves you can find right in your back yard!

Leaf Bowl. This optical illusion of a bowl is made entirely of artificial leaves, and it makes a stunning centerpiece or focal point on a mantle.

Fall Mobile. Whether you use this in a baby's room or in a corner of your living space, this gorgeous leaf mobile is both beautiful and all natural.

Leaf Roses. Instead of heading to the florist when you need a centerpiece or a gift for a friend, simply head outside into your yard. Grab a few colorful autumn leaves and use them to create your own rosebuds in festive fall colors.

Leaf Prints. Dip some fall leaves in autumn-hued paints and use them to print a fun pattern on a T-shirt, a tote bag or any other type of fabric.

Leafy Pumpkin. Decorating with pumpkins this fall? Instead of hacking away with a pumpkin carving kit, try something unique by gluing fall leaves on the sides to create a new kind of pumpkin decoration.

Public Domain/Pixabay/donwhite84
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